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Chamber music

Chamber music: Welcome

Bantok, Granville
    Hamabdil for cello and harp

Bissil, Richard
    Sirens for violin and harp quartet

Debussy, Claude
    Sonate for flute, viola and harp
    Claire de lune for two flutes and harp
    The little shepherd and Golliwogg’s cake walk for flute and harp
    Chansons de Bilitis for narrator, two flutes, two harps and celesta

Grandval, Clémence de
    Valse mélancolique for flute and harp

Gunning, Christopher

 Beach Scenes of Brazil for harp quartet

Jongen, Joseph

Deux pieces en trio for flute, cello and  harp

Liszt, Franz
    Hungarian Rhapsody No.2 for harp quartet

Persichetti, Vincent
    Serenade No.10 for flute and harp

Piazzola, Astor
    Histoire du tango for flute and harp

Saint-Saëns, Camille
    Le cygne for cello and harp

Strauss, Franz

Nocturno for french horn and harp

Chamber music: News
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